The City of Shimotsuma holds signing ceremony of a covenant with Alpha Aviation to share information concerning identified locales of illegally dumped garbage

SHIMOTSUMA, JAPAN (February 23, 2011) - At the Shimotsuma city hall a signing ceremony was held pertaining to "a covenant to share information concerning identified locales of illegally dumped garbage".

From the city of Shimotsuma the mayor, the department head and the section manager of public environmental affairs as well as others were participating, and from Alpha Aviation president Shizuka Saito, senior management director Kenji Saito and flight department manager Mitsuo Aoyama were attending the ceremony.

The covenant pertains to the agreement to relay information of locations where Alpha Aviation spots unlawfully dumped garbage from the air. In Japan there are virtually no previous examples of collaboration of this sort, comprising a formal agreement between an aviation company and a regional governing body.

The agreement will be valid from April 1st in earnest, but there's already been successful cases of spotting and reporting locations, details of which has been received by the city and forwarded to the appropriate department of riverworks. These have been locations where it's unfeasible if not outright impossible to spot the garbage from the surface.

Journalists from many newspapers were present at the ceremony and the mayor expects that through the fact that it's widely propagated that there's spotting going on from the air, it will act as a deterrent for would-be perpetrators. Further, there was talk of possible multi-faceted extension of the collaboration with Alpha Aviation in the future.

After the signing ceremony, the group made a visit to Shimotsuma Heliport for a tour of the premises and aircraft, after which commemorative photos of company president Shizuka Saito and the mayor were taken.

Articles about the signing event was published in the Ibaraki , Asahi, Yomiuri, Mainichi, Tokyo and Sankei Newspapers.


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